Seasonal scents

Here at The One Co Cheshire, we have three signature scents available all year round: Calm, Solace and Happiness. But we also have various, limited edition, seasonal scents which we release at different times throughout the year. 

Each fragrance is fully CLP-certified and will give you a gorgeously-scented home, befitting the season.

Linen Fresh

Ideal for this time of year, Linen Fresh has a musky, woody base, which is lifted by a clean, floral fragrance and a hint of citrus. It will leave your home full of the scent of clean, fresh laundry! 

Rose Wonderland

Calling all Hinchers! We're offering some of our products in the beautiful Rose Wonderland fragrance for a limited time only.

With a musky, woody base, the scent is lifted by rose water and finishes with top notes of violet leaf, orange peel and saffron. It will leave your home feeling clean and refreshed, but also cosy and warm. The perfect scent for before, during and after your spring cleaning! 

Spring Awakening

The name says it all... Spring flowers with a touch of patchouli and white cedar, Spring Awakening will lift your mood and invigorate your senses, leaving you feeling completely refreshed.

Twilight Garden

This is the scent for you if you enjoy a sweeter spring fragrance. Moonlight blooming lilies and jasmine, with sweet orange, pear, peach, coconut and raspberry, all on a base of sweet orchids and musk. 


Our seasonal scent products include room sprays, candles, candle refills, diffusers and waxmelts.

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