Candle refills

Candle refill and candle jar

Don't throw away your candle jars. Choose your favourite The One Co Cheshire signature scent, and order yourself a candle refill

Candle refills are the perfect way to keep your favourite candle jars alive, and keep your home beautifully scented. 

Here at The One Co Cheshire, we're 100% committed to reducing waste and running an eco-friendly business - plus, we love our candle jars, so it would be a shame to throw them away after one use! Our refills fit both our current Classic Candle jars, and our old-style Geo Candle jars.

Made with 100% environmentally-friendly soy wax and a blend of natural essential oil, all of our candle refills are expertly hand-poured and long lasting, with a wide scent-throw. Each candle refill includes a woodwick.

Refills are approximately 200g, with a burn time of around 30 hours.

Order a Candle Refill

If you haven't got one of our jars yet, don't miss out: Shop Classic Candles.